Sunday, January 15, 2012

I did this...

3.1 PAPER 1
3.1.1 Grammar (Classroom teaching)
Teach all the necessary grammar items like Nouns, Pronouns, Adjectives and etc.
Tenses – teach all the tenses like present tense, past tense, present continuos tense, past
Continuos tense and future tense. If the students have understood and mastered the  basic        tenses, move to the participles, the present and past perfect tense. Make sure they can identify the differences of the tenses by looking at the tenses table. Give them exercises   every week. Then, ask them to make sentences using the tenses.
3.1.2          Vocabulary
Provide a vocabulary list according to the topics. Ask the pupils to find the meaning  of the words or write the function of the things/places mentioned. I use this programme for the whole school too as a supporting programme or for English quiz.

3.1.3  Social Expressions
Teach the language form and functions for example to invite, to thank and etc. Always remind the students to respond when people say something and always give appropriate and polite responses.  You can use social expressions for role play or dialogue activity too.
3.1.3          Reading Comprehension
Expose different types of texts like factual, narrative, linear and non linear texts.
Give tips on answering techniques, look for clues and etc.
3.2       PAPER 2
Give 5 verbs with pictures every week .
Ask the students to describe the actions using the present continous tense.
Teach the the sentence structure – subject, verbs and object.
Help students in writing 5 sentences in paper 2.
3.2.2          Question 2- COPY CORRECTLY AND GIVE REASONS
Question 2 (a) Ask students to copy correctly.
Explain on the punctuation-upper case and lower case.
Use finger to point on the words when copying or underline the words to avoid mistakes.
Question 2 (b) Memorizing the sentences for reasoning.
Provide a booklet of sentences for reasoning.
Example : Price : I think the price is not too high and  etc.
3.2.3          NOTE EXPANSION
  1. Guided writing- put the story in correct sequence (use linkers as clues)
  2. Use adjectives, adverbs or similes or proverbs to make the story interesting.
  3. Brainstorming on ideas to expand the story.
  4. Provide a good sample answer and ask the pupils to copy the story or you can change the characters from boy to girl and etc.
  5. Change the verbs in the story into past tense form.
  6. Teach the pupils to write correct sentence structure using 3 columns Strategy.
Example :
Head (Subject- Who?) Body (Verbs- do what?) Tail (Object- what, where?)
Ali sat under an enormous tree.

  1. Invite excellent teacher or examiner to give tips on answering techniques. InsyaAllah everything will be fine …
Those are the things that I have done, hope to get feedback from you. Ta ta, Adios..

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